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Stellaris: Star Wars Empire Ships
Immerse yourself in the exploration of a changing universe full of wonders! Check out this mod and modify your Stellaris experience. Learn more about Star Wars Empire Ships at GameJunkie. Enjoy the game!


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11 Jun 2018

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648.246 MB

Requires Mods:

Star Wars Weapons for Legacy version 1.9

Direct Download:

This Mod Adds Star Wars Empire Ships to the Stellaris Game.

[TAW] TheSting is currently updating the mod.

should work with 2.0

Star Wars Empire Ship Pack v.1.5
Do not redistribute the mod without permission, nor use mod content in another mod even if it is only the asset. files without asking first!

Version for Stellaris 1.9 can be found here:

This ship pack allows you to play with the Galactic Empire Fleet from the Imperial Civil War era.

How to use:You need to start a new game with the prescripted Faction (Event Galactic Empire 2). You can edit it and save them how you like. Every ship after Destroyer has its own class, you wont see them in the vanilla ship sizes.
Use the Prescipted Race only for the Full version not the LITE or any other shippack!

The Annihilator works like the ships in the Fractal Ships Mod

For the LITE version (Replacing only Models) you just need to use the Empire Lite ships, the same as other shippacks in the workshop.

For the SSD you need first one of these two mods: or
Then you need to do the Titan Tech Chain from the Mods and you need the Empire Dreadnought Tech

Read the FAQ! F.A.Q

Warb_null – for allowing me to use his models and textures
Jeroenimo – for allowing me to use his models and textures
Yuuzhan Vong at War Team for the free model release
ArvisTaljik – letting me use his Models and Textures
JarJarThomas for his Interdictor Cruiser upload on scifi3d

Detailed credits are moved to a .txt file in this mod zip.

Be sure to check out Yorick´s IIC – Old Republic Ships Mod.

How to install this mod: Download the file. Unzip the archive. Copy the mod folder to the folder: C:/Users/*Username*/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/workshop/content/281990/

If folders are missing, try running the game or make them by yourself.

Unpack .mod file to the folder: C:/Users/*Username*/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod

Or just use Subscribe button if you are using Steam Account.

Enable desired mods from the launcher and click Play button.

Enjoy the game:)

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