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Stellaris Empire Sprawl: How to Increase or Decrease

An Empire is a group of planets and star systems that are ruled by the same government and controlled by a single player (or AI). Empires may have a variety of governments such as a democracy, oligarchism, despotism or imperial rule.

What is Empire Sprawl in Stellaris?

Empire Sprawl – is a measure of the territorial expanse of your Empire in the form of controlled Systems, Colonies and Districts. A high Empire Sprawl is a strain on your Empire’s administrative capacity and will increase the cost of Technologies, Traditions, Leaders, Edicts and Campaigns. It is increased by 5 for each colony, 1 for each system, 1 for each district, 0.5 for each pop and 2 for each owned Branch Office.

What components affect Empire Sprawl?

The Sprawl increases by the following aspects:

  • 5 – per colonization
  • 1 – per system
  • 1 – per district
  • 0.5 – per population
  • 2 – per Branch offices owned

Negative Modifiers

The following are the negative modifiers that you will have to face if you exceed the Empire Sprawl. Mind you these percentages are per point increase in your Sprawl.

  • Technology costs: +0.4%
  • Tradition costs: +0.6%
  • Campaign costs: +1%

Penalties for an Increased Empire Sprawl

These penalties can be implemented by the following authorities):

  • Corporate: +50%
  • Machine Intelligence: +100%
  • Hive Mind: -25%

How to increase empire sprawl?

These are all of the ways you affect your empire sprawl.

  • Construction Templates technology: -25% from branch offices
  • Courier Network: -25% from systems and colonies
  • Docile Species trait: -10% from populations
  • Extensible Software: -25% from systems and colonies
  • Fanatic Pacifist ethic: -30% from populations
  • Finishing the Harmony tradition: -10% from populations
  • Finishing the Synchronicity tradition: -10% from populations
  • Fortify the Border edict: +10 from systems
  • Franchising civic: -25% from branch offices
  • Governer skill level: -2% from populations
  • High bandwidth species trait: +10 from populations
  • Limited Autonomy: -25% from systems and colonies
  • Modular Deposits tradition: -25% from districts
  • Nutritional Plenitude edict: +10 from populations
  • OTA Updates civic: -20% from populations
  • Pacifist ethic: -15% from populations
  • Private Prospectors civic: -33% from systems
  • Psionic Theory Technology: -10% from populations
  • Stellar Culture Shock: -50% from populations
  • Streamlined Protocols species trait: -10% from populations
  • Subsumed Will civic: -20% from populations
  • The Greater Good resolution: -10% from populations
  • Unruly species trait: +10 from populations

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