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Stellaris: Juris Civics Expansion [2.2 Compatible]
Immerse yourself in the exploration of a changing universe full of wonders! Check out this mod and modify your Stellaris experience. Learn more about Juris Civics Expansion [2.2 Compatible] at GameJunkie. Enjoy the game!


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12 Dec 2018

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This Mod Adds Juris Civics Expansion [2.2 Compatible] to the Stellaris Game.

Version 1.4.1 released, now with 2.2 compatibility!

When Banks was released, I was thrilled with the addition of the Civics system. However, I felt it was lacking in a few vital areas; namely Spiritualism and Hive Minds. There were a lot of niches I felt needed to be filled. So here is my attempt at sharing my ideas with you guys.

Now with German localization!

New Civics
Civic Requirements Effect Gene Purity Xenophobe +15 Leader Lifespan, -15% Species Modification Cost Universalist Egalitarian or Xenophile, Spiritualist, neither Militarist nor Xenophobe +5% happiness to all, +5% Stability Ecologists Pacifist, Materialist +15% habitability Interpersonal Integration Xenophile -15% empire size penalty Planned Economy Authoritarian -15% food requirement, -10% consumer goods Corporate Worship Spiritualist +1 unity and society research from Priests, -20% Priest upkeep Ruthless Efficiency Autocratic Authority -10% ship upkeep, -10% building and district upkeep Information Control Xenophobe +50% Xenophobe ethic attraction, +5% Unity Public Discourse Egalitarian +25% Pop ethics shift speed (Pops change their ethics to align with the distribution on Factions screen more quickly), -15% leader recruitment cost, +15% leader experience gain Primus Inter Pares Fanatic Egalitarian +2 Ruler skill levels, +15% Ruler jobs production Evangelists Spiritualist +10% Pop ethics shift speed, +50% Spiritualist ethic attraction War Engineers Militarist +15% Starbase damage, +15% defense platform damage, +200 defense platform HP Beacon of Stability Authoritarian, Pacifist, not Xenophobe -10 crime, +25% immigration pull,+5% stability Telluric Architects Pacifist +50% Terraforming speed, -15% Tile Blocker clear time, +10% New Worlds research speed Free Market Egalitarian +20% trade attractiveness, +10% trade value Exploration Corps Materialist +10% ship movement speed, +5% anomaly discovery chance Iron Curtain Authoritarian +30% governing ethics attraction, +10% unity output, -15% immigration pull Deeper Mysteries Materialist, Xenophile Researchers now produce +1 Unity, +10% anomaly discovery chance Stellar Cartography – +1 sensor range Splendor of Flesh Hive Mind +15% Pop growth speed Distributed Calculations Hive Mind -15% jump charge time, +15% sublight speed Unified Aggression Hive Mind +15% fire rate Unquenchable Curiosity Hive Mind +25% Ship survey speed, +10% Anomaly discovery chance Cooperative Construction Hive Mind +25% planet building speed, +25% shipyard construction speed Single-Mind Fascination Hive Mind +25% trust growth, -25% influence cost, everyone’s opinion +10 Integrated Morphology Hive Mind -25% empire size penalty, +1 species modification point Modular Design Templates Machine Intelligence Start with Robomodding tech, +1 modification point, -25% species modification cost Optimized Intelligence Core Machine Intelligence Max ruler skill levels +2, building build speed +10%, ship build speed +10%, sublight speed +10% Organic-Friendly Interface Machine Intelligence Organic opinion +15, +25% trust growth, -25% diplomatic cost Theoretical Travel Models Machine Intelligence Start with Wormhole travel tech, +5% sublight speed Zero-G Construction Algorithms Machine Intelligence +2 Starbase capacity, -15% starbase upgrade cost, +25% starbase upgrade speed, +5% alloys from jobs
This mod overrides nothing at the moment.

Known Issues
Some building-related civics have been disabled for reworking. I have also disabled the Theosis civic.

Please report any bugs in the comments below!

The Gene Purity civic icon and the template I used to make all my custom icons came from /u/roblitzmanguy on Reddit. Also, thanks to my pals Synesi and Jude for putting up with playtesting for me.

German localization: robobird3000

Other Mods
Spectra Flag Colors:

How to install this mod: Download the file. Unzip the archive. Copy the mod folder to the folder: C:/Users/*Username*/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/workshop/content/281990/

If folders are missing, try running the game or make them by yourself.

Unpack .mod file to the folder: C:/Users/*Username*/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod

Or just use Subscribe button if you are using Steam Account.

Enable desired mods from the launcher and click Play button.

Enjoy the game:)

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