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Stellaris: Universal Districts Patch
Immerse yourself in the exploration of a changing universe full of wonders! Check out this mod and modify your Stellaris experience. Learn more about Universal Districts Patch at GameJunkie. Enjoy the game!

This Mod Adds Universal Districts Patch to the Stellaris Game.

Merges changes to districts from a bunch of different mods.

WARNING 1: Depending on the mods you have, additional patches WILL BE required. Only the patches listed as obsolete below are not required. This overwrites any other patches for districts anyway, so it is better to be on the safe side. Think of this mod as a patch to patch your patches.

WARNING 2: Do NOT get this if you use District Diversity or District Overhaul. You don’t even need this then. See more below.

NOTE 1: Warnings about modifiers and planet classes can be safely ignored.

Please post all request for new mods for this patch in the ‘Mods that mess with Districts’ collection linked above.

Not only are mods which change districts incompatible with each other, but so are all mods which add new planet classes, due to the way the districts are implemented. Because of this, these is a large amount of patches available on the workshop which only exist to fix the districts.

The Universal Districts Patch combines all those patches in such a way that it works regardless of which combination of supported mods you are running. This means all mods below are supported, all the time, even if some are missing. One exception to this is that the artificial caps on rural districts have been removed. This means those districts are only limited by the tiles and modifiers of the planet, and that it is possible for planets to have no districts of certain types.

Mods patched:
– Glavius’s Ultimate AI (gai_enabled_flag)
– StarNet AI (str_enabled_flag)
– Bigger Colonies
– Even Bigger Colonies
– Cultural Overhaul
– Asteroid and Moon Habitats
– The Belt
– Dyson Swarm
– More Events Mod
– Planetary Diversity
– The Zenith of Fallen Empires: Utopian Paradise
– Living Space
– Plentiful Traditions
– Better Ringworlds (pjs_better_ringworlds_global)
– Project Gestalt
– The Decadence of Sanity
– Master Computer Authority
– Additional Mega Planets
– Guilli’s Bioform Hive Mind Civic
– Starborn
– Unofficial Machine Intelligence DLC
– Unofficial Hive DLC: Forgotten Queens
– Cultural Overhaul (cultural_overhaul_traditions_active)

Patches made obsolete:

A note on District Diversity and District Overhaul:
These mods already have build in compatibility for most mods that need it. Any remaining patches can be found on their workshop pages. DO NOT install this patch with these mods, as that will break everything.

A note on installing/uninstalling mods during a playthrough:
This patch itself can be safely installed or unistalled witout any problems.
Some supported mods set a flag ONLY on game start which is used by this patch. If you install/uninstall one of these mods during a playthrough you will need to manually add/remove this flag in your save file. Otherwise, the patch will act as if that mod is not/still installed. Affected mods have their relevant flag posted in the list above.

For version 2.3.2

How to install this mod: Download the file. Unzip the archive. Copy the mod folder to the folder: C:/Users/*Username*/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/workshop/content/281990/

If folders are missing, try running the game or make them by yourself.

Unpack .mod file to the folder: C:/Users/*Username*/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod

Or just use Subscribe button if you are using Steam Account.

Enable desired mods from the launcher and click Play button.

Enjoy the game:)

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