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Stellaris: Overpowered (Cheat Edicts)
Immerse yourself in the exploration of a changing universe full of wonders! Check out this mod and modify your Stellaris experience. Learn more about Overpowered (Cheat Edicts) at GameJunkie. Enjoy the game!


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13 May 2022

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This Mod Adds Overpowered (Cheat Edicts) to the Stellaris Game.

Gives your Empire various Overpowered Boosts. Activate and deactivate them at will.

Inspired by Aitherix’ “Edicts++”. It can be found here:

This mod will obviously make the game completely unbalanced and most likely too easy. Maybe don’t use it when you want a challenge…

Features:- Many custom edicts, giving your Empire completely overpowered modifers
– Choose the cheats and boosts you want to give you the desired arcade/sandbox feeling
– “Toggleable” Edicts: With the Stellaris 2.0 update, edicts could no longer be toggled on and off at will, but had a minimum duration. This mod creates a work-around giving you the option to get the Overpowered modifiers for any desired duration again.
– Planet Decisions: Permanently increase a planet’s size or turn it into a Gaia World
– Spawn Edicts: Summon Fleets and Armies at will
– Edicts to increase your opinion with other empires or your subjects
– Option to hide the Overpowered Edicts in the menu so it doesnt get too crowded
– The AI should never be able to pick any of these edicts

For many edicts, the changes will take effect only after the start of the next in-game month.
Important Note: If you plan to uninstall the mod and plan to keep playing on a savegame that used this mod’s boosts, use the “Deactivate all modifers” edict before uninstalling. Not doing so could result in some bugs in your modifers overview.

How to install this mod: Download the file. Unzip the archive. Copy the mod folder to the folder: C:/Users/*Username*/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/workshop/content/281990/

If folders are missing, try running the game or make them by yourself.

Unpack .mod file to the folder: C:/Users/*Username*/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod

Or just use Subscribe button if you are using Steam Account.

Enable desired mods from the launcher and click Play button.

Enjoy the game:)

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